Kevin Philippe Ms Joyce Phuong Michael


   Kevin Corler (is called Vu) is a Hong Kong- Vietnamese national and a graduate of the Hanoi Economic University and the Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne. Kevin has over 8 years working for the Hai Phong - Foreign Affair Department and 15 years of international hospitality and hotel experience in Hong Kong and England then Vietnam in 1995 to explore the many challenging opportunities in this exciting region.

   His forte being operations, Kevin has worked in Malaysia, Hong Kong, China and in various locations in Vietnam, with local and government diplomacy, which is called “a local Hero” connecting with leading international and regional hotel companies and groups such as Banyan Tree, Six senses, Minor Hotels & Resorts; Best Western, Ritz Carlton, Wyndham, Marriott groups …etc…

    The next professional appointment came in 2004 as Project Development Manager of Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, Kevin established the Vibel International Co and added his considerable experience and expertise to lead the team, offering customized and personalized management services to discerning hotel & resort owners and investors.