Kevin Philippe Ms Joyce Phuong Michael

Dr.Andersen Harrision

Citizen of Belgium

English, Dutch, Italian, German and French

The Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne University in 1969 and Cornell University in 1975 School of Hotel Administration

Professional Accreditation:

Certified Hotel Administrator 1975

 The diploma of the Cornell of the Hotel Management 1985.

Over 30 years of international hospitality experience in European and North America. Proven strength in hotel development, planning and design, finance and operations. I possess a thorough knowledge and understanding of the market and the cultural environment in which business is done in European and Asia. A strong leader and visionary planner with a proven track record of development and management success with international and regional hospitality companies from 1989 to 2005, He sets up my own Hospitality Management Services Company, VIBEL INTERNATIONAL, to make available, his knowledge and experience in the industry, to investors and hotel owners.