VIBEL INTERNATIONAL provides hotel owners and investors, through consultation or direct management, with practical and affordable solutions to maximize 'bottom-line' profitability. Our services range from financial feasibility analysis, training, brand creation and marketing, to the on-going, profitable operation of hotels and resorts.

We operate hotels and resorts providing all hospitality related services from our partner’s perspective ensuring the required results are met and even exceeded.

We also provide tailor made solutions to the specific desires of our partners

Seeking and recommend appropriate partners for both local and international co-operative investment projects

Upon its background of experience and big network of clients, VIBEL INTERNATIONAL has strong self-confidence to support the investor,who want to call for investment co-operation, in seeking for appropriate partners.

In addition, we have also focused on establishing and developing a comprehensive data bank of potential investment projects (which is assessed by leading consultant experts of VIBEL INTERNATIONAL and also an updated information system on Vietnamese economy and legal policies in order to be a firm bridge of the partners to implement such projects in Vietnam.

Hotel market studies: An effective way to assess the potential market demand within an area. It is especially useful for entering new locations or for decisions relating to expansion or growth. The market and financial feasibility study.

The market feasibility and branding study: It is used to determining the demand for a hotel project and assessing which brands would most closely fit within the market opportunity, construction budget and owner’s desire to retain or sell the investment.

Owners’ representative services: We represent the owners and investors to negotiate the best deal for management company/brands worldwide. We provide full audits, reports/plans of action. Monthly review of results and monthly property visits as well as annual budgets and marketing plans reviews.

Master planning consultancy: We believe that any investors or owners contemplating capital investment in a specific site should develop a clear master plan which justifies the investment, lays the foundation for future investment and sets out how this is to be achieved. It should be a working document which is used and modified as functions, objectives and other parameters change.

Pre-opening consultancy: The first year of a hotel or resort is fundamental for its positioning. An organized opening of the hotel assures a greater efficiency of service and guest satisfaction and as consequence they assure better cost effectiveness, revenue opportunities and operating projects.


VIBEL manages the hotel but ownership of the physical building remains with a third-party owner. Typically, the senior management like the General Manager and the Financial Controller are VIBEL employees with the third-party owner employing all other staff. A management contract allows VIBEL more control over the application of quality and service standards.

There is no standard management contract; terms are agreed through negotiation with owners as the hotels involving management contracts tend to be more complex.

A management contract is made up of two separate fees: base and incentive.

The base fee is a percentage of the hotels total revenue paid to cover management costs. A typical contract would have 1 – 3% of total revenue as the base fee. However, this can vary by country and brand.

The incentive fee is a share of profits. A sample contract would have 3 – 6% of gross operating profit or other agreed measure of profit as the incentive fee, although the mechanics vary considerably. This is in place to align the interests of VIBEL with the owner of the property and rewards us for running the hotel profitably